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Back in action

After the long wait (we last performed in December 2019), Michel Stas and myself will be returning to the National Concert Hall, Dublin to continue our monumental complete songs of Schubert series, Schubertreise. For our twenty-third outing we will be presenting Lieder written towards the end of Schubert's annus mirabilis, 1815, the year in which he composed no less than 142 songs. We begin with seven fine settings of Kosegarten, some of them written on the same day, October 19th; the 'Mignon' setting of Goethe's 'Kennst du das Land'; the extraordinary 'Klage der Ceres', a setting of Schiller's moving account of the origins of the seasons; two well known songs, the wistful 'An mein Klavier' and the trrascendent 'Am Tage aller Seelen', as well as a few pleasant bits and bobs. We hope to see you there!


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