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Downs and ups: Farewell to Jodoigne, farewell to Bever

Well, a journey is not all plain sailing, if you'll forgive the mixed metaphor. Both our venues in Belgium, Bever and Jodoigne, have gone belly up, owing to lack of funds. We have fond memories of seven recitals in Jodoigne, with its glorious acoustic and period piano built by Claude Kelecom. Memorable moments, for myself at least, were 'Erlkönig' and the mighty 'Lodas Gespenst'. For that, my thanks to the Centre Culturel.

Losing Bever is a heavy blow indeed, for it was in the delightful 'Rosario', a little cultural oasis in the Pajottenland, that Schubertreise started, thanks to the vision and courage of Johan Vriens. Small audience numbers tolled the death knell in the end, but not before we reached the halfway mark with recital eighteen.

Au revoir to you both.

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