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Conor Biggs' Schubertreise diary, day two

Thursday, December 11th, Jodoigne

Since Michel Stas and I are repeating last Sunday's performance in a few days time in Jodoigne, preparation of the new programme has to be put on hold. Repeat performances are always tricky: one can easily be lulled into a false sense of confidence. Jodoigne is a whole different kettle of fish: we're lucky enough to perform on a period piano based on an 1810 Walter, constructed by Claude Kelecom. The tone is silvery, the treble comparatively weak, the bass rather percussive, the una corda a completely different affair to the Steinway compromise instrument with which we are all familiar. You can hear samples of our previous performances on this instrument on my video page. (!videos/c1cy9)

So how do I go about revising the programme? I have one rehearsal with Michel. The rest of the time I will spend reciting the poetry, since I firmly believe in rhetoric-driven interpretations.

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