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Schubertreise: Jente Boone's photo

June 25th 2014

Welcome to the Schubertreise blog, where I will be making informal comments about the progress of this ambitious journey. Today I wanted to talk about the featured photo, taken by Flemish photographer Jente Boone and commissioned by PenZine, a magazine devoted to the flora and fauna of the Pajottenland and the Zenne valley, areas of outstanding natural beauty in Flanders most picturesque region. The photo is a montage: I was not staring at skyscrapers — but it does imply an end to this great journey. I stood there for the guts of two hours all told, appreciating the Flemish countryside on the outskirts of Brussels.

Please note: the photo is copyright.


©Jente Boone ©RL & PenZine

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